Extruder Clamp Systems

Hydraulic Mono-Clamp

Designed to Significantly Reduce Downtime in Your Rubber or Plastic Extrusion Process

NFM’s Mono-Clamp System saves both crucial operational up-time and maintenance cost during product changeovers.  The system can be applied to practically any extrusion tooling die and can be fitted to any extruder with minor modifications.

Clamping Mechanism

NFM’s exclusive designs offer manual or hydraulically-assisted clamps which provide quick and easy access to the end of the extruder instead of conventional bolt-on assemblies.


A lever arm is manually raised/lowered to open or close the clamp, respectively.  This manual lever arm is outfitted with locking pin to prevent opening of the clamp during normal operation.

Hydraulic Assist

Recommended for larger clamps, or for eliminating the need for an operator to manually open/close the clamp, a hydraulic cylinder opens and closes the clamp with the push of a button from a pendent control or HMI.

Clamp System Configurations

The Mono-Clamp System can be configured several ways, each offering additional benefits:

Clamp Only

By adding a Mono-Clamp to your extrusion process, NFM can provide you with instant access to different portions of your process. A Mono-Clamp can be used where any two mating adapters occur.  For example, between the extruder end barrel and a screen changer, gear pump, underwater pelletizer, polymer divert valve, die, etc.

Clamp & Hinge

Along with the standard clamp design, a hinged support arm can be integrated for the mounting of extrusion dies and barrel for further ease of operation.

Clamp & Double Hinge

A second hinge can also be used for a two die quick change operation.  This can dramatically reduce downtime associated with die changes. Your operator can simply open the clamp, swing one die out and swing the second die into position, close the clamp and continue production.

  • Profile Extrusion Product Changes
  • Product Color Changes
  • Strand Die Changes (Number of Holes and/or Diameter)

First Die in Place

Clamp Open

Second Die in Place

Mono-Clamp Features

  • Designed for extruder discharge pressure up to 65 MPa (10,000 psi)
  • Standard configurations available for 25mm to 250mm diameter extruders
  • Larger models supplied with air driven hydraulic assist clamping
  • Single point adjustment of clamping force
    • Screen Pack/Breaker Plate for polymer melt filtration
    • Temperature and/or Pressure Instrumentation
    • Integration into existing control panel

Hinge Features

  • Standard two-link (single pivot) or optional three-link (double pivot) articulating design
  • Heavy duty assemblies are available for larger loads
  • 2nd Hinge assembly can be mounted for two die operation
  • Single hinge pin removal for quick detachment from extruder