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When it comes to hot-melt extruder equipment, affordable reliability is a necessity. NFM is the only hot-melt extruder equipment manufacturer that believes reliability is your right.

As environmental regulations continue to mount, more and more pressure-sensitive adhesive users are switching from solvent-based to hot-melt systems. By making this change, many are finding they can compound their own materials with significant cost savings.

In fact, it is possible to save up to one-third the cost of the adhesive by compounding on an NFM twin-screw hot-melt extruder. This savings, achieved through the twin-screw mixing process, offers a higher melt quality and process control than can be achieved in a single-screw process.

Typical Polymers & Applications
SIS Based Hot Melt Adhesives
EVA Based Hot Melt Adhesives
Acrylic Adhesives

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NFM offers proven solutions for hot-melt extrusion of both solid (pellet/flake) resins via traditional loss-in-weight feeders, as well as molten resins through our advanced molten resin feeding systems.



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NFM has further refined this hot-melt extruder design to provide:

  • Compounding Flexibility:
    • NFM’s TEM Series co-rotating, intermeshing twin screw extruders offer ideal shear and mixing properties to hot-melt adhesive compounds.
    • NFM’s WE Series counter-rotating, tangential screw design provides thorough mixing of resins with a wide range of viscosities and melting temperatures, designed to generates high shear without high temperature to protect heat sensitive resins.
  • Multi-Stage Feed:
    • Eliminates the need for pre-blending
    • High-melt viscosity polymers are introduced first and extruded into a uniform state by the twin-screw action.
    • Low-viscosity materials, which can be pre-melted if desired, are added downstream.
    • Oil can be injected into the barrel of the compounder in a final stage.
    • Continuous compounding action of the twin-screw mixing process improves quality control and produces a uniform hot-melt adhesive.
  • Short Resident Time:
    • Twin-screw mixing virtually eliminates the cross linking of polymers that occurs during batch processing when high temperatures are maintained over extended periods. Residence time is often no longer than 15 seconds.
  • Low Operating Cost:
    • NFM's hot-melt adhesive compounding extruders are not labor intensive and utilize adiabatic extrusion for minimum energy cost per pound of product.
Extruder Size and Expected Throughput
NFMW 0004 Process Applications Rubber Hot Melt Adhesive
*Rates based on 40-50% SIS, Tackifying Resin, Oil, & Filler.

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