Reactive Extrusion

NFM: Your Reliable Resource for Reactive Extrusion

NFM has been building reactive extrusion equipment for the finishing and primary manufacture of emulsion, bulk, and solution polymers ever since polymer manufacturers began using twin-screw devices for such purposes.

As the only reactive extrusion equipment manufacturer with the technology to finish polymers commercially from emulsion, solution, or slurry in a single machine, it was a natural extension of our expertise in handling reactor products to perform the reactions themselves in our extruders.

For reactive extrusion to proceed to completion in a controlled manner requires carefully controlled residence time, heat transfer, and mass transfer characteristics. NFM’s WE Series and TEM Series extruders offer optimum conditions in all three areas and our technical team can provide ready solutions to limitations in reactive extrusion process development.

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Two Proven Technologies

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The Advantages of NFM Twin-Screw Extruders

  • Excellent Heat Transfer Characteristics:
    • In reactive processing, thermal gradients at any point in the extruder can give a variable rate reaction or even promote the wrong reaction. Aside from traditional conductive cooling, for high viscosity fluids, NFM can apply its direct inert fluid contact technology which avoids thermal gradients that accompany any conductive cooling mechanism.

  • Excellent Mass Transfer Characteristics:
    • Mass transfer in highly viscous fluids is often rate limiting in a reaction. NFM has the experience to establish rapid intimate contact of the reactants, regardless of whether the mass transfer is between a melt and a liquid, a melt and a vapor, two melt streams, or a crumb and a liquid or vapor.

    • Our devolatilization technology can be readily applied to polycondensation reactions or any melt vapor mass transfer operation. Our mixing processing technology promotes contact between co-continuous insoluble phases. The continuous reorientation mechanism provides excellent distributive mixing of multiple melt phases.

  • Excellent Residence Time Characteristics:
    • Our non-intermeshing twin-screw design allows us to operate at higher throughput or longer residence time than competitive designs.

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Successful Reactive Extrusion Applications

  • Grafting Reactions
  • Acrylic Acid, Methacrylic Acid, Maleic Anhydride Grafting to Polyolefins, EP Rubber Vinylsiloxane Grafting to SEBS Block Copolymer
  • Dynamic Vulcanization
  • Polyethylene (silane crosslinking)
  • Imidization of Acrylics
  • And Many Other Proprietary React

Put NFM to work on your next reactive extrusion equipment challenge. Call us at 330-837-3868, or initiate a quote today.