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American Made Quality & Craftsmanship

NFM / Welding Engineers, Inc. has built its business through growth and acquisition from a machine shop to a global leader in innovative design and manufacturing of extrusion equipment.

Built on a strong foundation of manufacturing and craftsmanship, NFM has excelled in the development of new processing technologies and has earned a strong reputation in providing Extrusion Systems and Solutions for the rubber and plastics industries.

As a leader in extrusion system design, manufacturing, support, and service, NFM is the extrusion industry’s best resource for reliable performance. NFM provides reliability through every step of the polymer processing system development.

  • Reliable Systems & Engineering
  • Reliable Manufacturing & Quality Craftsmanship
  • Reliable After-Sales Service & Support
  • Reliable Spare Parts & Performance

NFM also offers global field service of extrusion equipment and full restoration of any OEM’s extruder components.

Our specialties include Rubber Extrusion Systems, Plastic Extrusion Systems, Polymer Compounding, and Post-Reactor Polymer Finishing.

A Diverse Core Product Line

WE Series
•  Counter-Rotating Non-Intermeshing Twin-Screw Extruders

TEM Series
•  Co-Rotating Intermeshing Twin-Screw Extruders

HRX Series
•  Pin-Barrel Rubber Extruders
•  Smooth Bore Rubber Extruders
•  Silicone Curing Systems

HSX Series
•  Single-Screw Plastic Extruders

FSX Series
• Polymer Foam Extrusion Systems



Renews License with Toshiba Machine Japan


NFM/WE Acquires Ohio Metal Spray

This expands NFM/WE’s application technology to include thermal spray coatings of over 250 different materials; including metals, metal alloys, ceramics, and carbides.

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NFM/WE Restructures China Operations

Our restructuring of our operations in China includes a new office under the name NFM (Dalian) Machinery Co., Ltd. located in Dalian City, PRC.


Develops Tri-metallic Technology

Advancing barrel technology to a new level, NFM/WE’s tri-metallic technology enables the bonding of multiple metal alloys to the internal surfaces of a barrel. This precision process applies various alloys to critical areas such as feed throats, injection ports, and vent locations further increasing performance and value in highly corrosive environments.


Extends TEM sales presence to Mexico


Renews License with Toshiba Machine Japan

Toshiba Machine Japan and NFM/WE agree to renew exclusive technology agreement and extends the license to include Central and South America.


Adds Flammable Liquids pilot Plant

NFM/WE adds a Class 1 Div 2, Flammable Liquids Pilot Plant providing capabilities to enhance research in solution devolatilization of polymers on a semi-works scale.

NFM/WE Expands Bimetallic HIP Technology

NFM/WE’s metallurgists extend our bimetallic HIP technology to other key extrusion components, most notably, our screw elements.


Develops HIP Bimetallic Technology

NFM/WE metallurgists develop a HIP process for extrusion barrels dramatically improving wear and/or corrosion resistance. With HIP Bimetallic technology proving to be vastly superior to liner technology, HIP’ed barrels are made the standard offering at NFM.


NFM / Welding Engineers, Inc. Sales Growth Doubles


Acquires Iddon Brothers Ltd. (Leyland, England, UK)

Established in 1885, Iddon Brothers Ltd. expands NFM/WE’s product portfolio, global manufacturing, assembly, and distribution capabilities.

On-Site Process Development Lab

NFM/WE invests in an on-site Process Development Lab for all core product lines. NFM/WE is fully equipped to support our customers in developing new formulations, techniques, and process designs.


Acquires Welding Engineers, Inc. (Blue Bell, PA)

Focused in post-reactor extrusion, polymer devolatilization, and latex coagulation, with specialized counter-rotating, non-intermeshing twin-screw technology, Welding Engineers technology has been at the forefront of global polymer development dating back to the 1920’s.

Company Renames to NFM/Welding Engineers, Inc.

Acquires License from Toshiba Machine Japan

NFM/WE is granted exclusive license to design, build, and sell Toshiba’s TEM Series of co-rotating intermeshing twin-screw extruders in North America.


Records average annual growth of 15% per year.


Acquires SKF Bearing Plant (Massillon, OH)

NFM now houses over 400,000 ft2 for use in machine and extrusion assembly in Massillon, Ohio


Acquires Monsanto’s Rubber Extruder division

Monsanto extruders were used worldwide in the processing of rubber compounds, tires, wire and cable, and like applications. Through this acquisition NFM becomes a preferred global supplier of feedscrews, barrels, and new extrusion installations for leaders of the rubber industry.

Acquires License from Uniroyal Englebert Reign GmbH (Germany)

NFM receives licensing certification from Uniroyal Englebert Reign GmbH (Germany) as one of only three US qualified manufacturers of their Rubber Pin Barrel technology.


Acquires NRM Corporations (Tallmadge, OH) Feedscrew Assets

Ansrock acquires equipment and expertise to produce extruder feedscrews. With select Sales, Engineering, and Manufacturing staff also making the transition to Ansrock, the company grows dramatically in both personnel,  customer base and expertise.

Company Renames to National Feedscrew and Machining Industries, Inc.

Launches State-Certified Apprenticeship Program

Understanding the importance of quality and craftsmanship in supporting our customers, management established an Apprenticeship Program ensuring the transfer of knowledge and expertise to our future machinists. Certified by the State of Ohio. This program has instilled traditions of excellence and quality in NFM’s machining practices and capabilities and is one of the many reasons NFM leads the industry in workmanship, quality, and performance.

Acquires Massillon Steel Casting Plant

To accommodate for rapid growth, NFM acquires, renovates and relocates into the Massillon Steel Castings Plant in Massillon, Ohio.


Ansrock Industries Founded

Founded by the Roberson family and located in Massillon, Ohio, Ansrock Industries began as a metal machining and tool building company focused on supporting the local plastics industries, namely the Hoover company located in nearby Canton.

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NFM /  Welding Engineers, Inc. is a leading global OEM for rubber and plastics extrusion systems. NFM offers full turnkey extrusion systems featuring custom-integrated controls and the highest level of extrusion technology and performance. As the leader in extrusion system design, manufacturing, support and service, NFM is your best resource for reliable extrusion performance.

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