Equipment Rebuilding & Refurbishing

NFM/Welding Engineers, Inc. is world-renowned for its re-engineering and refurbishing of extrusion equipment from any OEM. The professionals at NFM can custom-design equipment and machine components to refurbish and upgrade nonfunctional or outdated processing machinery, often saving you valuable time and money.

NFM offers the following machine rebuilding options:

  • Complete Machine Rebuild
  • Component Rebuild – Feedsections, Feed Door Assemblies, Barrels, Feedscrews, etc.
  • Gearbox Evaluation & Repair
  • Control Upgrades & Auxiliary Integration

Keeping your extrusion equipment in prime working condition is crucial to your productivity and profitability.

Below are just a few examples of rejuvenating well-used equipment. Use the SLIDER function to view before and after comparisons.

4.5″ Rubber Extruder Rebuild:

  • Complete disassembly & inspection
  • Rebuilt Gearbox
    • All new bearings and seals
    • Gearbox run-in test
  • New barrel assembly
    • 4140 w/ bimetallic inlay
  • Rebuilt feedsection w/ new power feed roll assembly
  • New motor coupling assembly
  • New feedscrew
    • 4140 w/ nickel+chrome flight lands
  • Paint & Reassemble
  • Electrical & cooling check-out

4.5″ Plastic Extruder Rebuild:

  • Complete disassembly & inspection
  • New barrel assembly
  • Rebuilt feedscrew
  • Rebuilt gearbox
  • New Control Cabinet & Control System
  • Paint & Reassemble
  • Electrical & cooling check-out

24″ Barrel Rebuild:

  • Sandblast exterior, water flow test & inspect
  • Remove worn bimetallic liner
  • Converted from O-Ring to Welded/Interference Fit Liner
  • Machine new end rings
  • Bore to accept new liner
  • Installed new interference-fit bimetallic liner
  • Machined for counterbores and registers
  • Water pressure tested
  • Cleaned & painted

24″ Discharge Barrel & Breech Lock:

  • Sandblast exterior, water flow test & inspect
  • Disassemble breech lock and remove worn liner
  • Grind ID and repair tapped holes
  • Installed new nickel-boron liner
  • Installed new bearing pads and shims
  • Welded end flange counterbores
  • Installed new hinge bushings
  • Machined additional o-ring grooves for improved seal
  • Machined counterbore & register
  • Recut die seat on die holder
  • Drilled all new locating dowels
  • Water pressure tested
  • Cleaned & painted

300mm Twin Screw Barrel Re-HIP

  • Originally Nitrided Bores
  • Honed Barrel Bores
  • HIP

Contact NFM today to inquire about refurbishing your extrusion equipment.  NFM will inspect your extrusion equipent and consult with you on recommended repairs and cost-effective upgrades to your process.

For more information, call us at 330-837-3868 or click here.

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